Glavinis Kosmima

A modern new logo
for a local family Jewelry business

Glavinis Kosmima is a family jewelers located in the center of Volos, Greece. They required a new modern logo based around the letter G that was minimal & unique. After discussing the client’s vision and ideas as to what the perfect result would look like, we concluded that the logo would revolve around a single unique & elegant letter G. That would also act as a standalone Mark.

The logo should convey quality jewelry gifting but strictly without using the typical diamond symbol that tends to be overused in the industry and that lacks any personality. In addition, the logo had to be suitable for both the digital world and various print applications including jewelry boxes, bags and shop signage.

Project commissioned through WebGoFunctional



I started by looking at many variations of the letter G, seeking inspiration both online and offline during my daily adventures, meanwhile sketching out various concepts throughout this process, until my vision was close enough to start playing with vectors in Illustrator.

The direction took a clear turn towards creating a Sans Serif G, which would be accompanied by a suitable matching counterpart, in this case, an adjusted version of the ‘Rubik’ font as it helped give a more modern feel to the logo, whereas most of the Serif G’s in particular that I was looking at were giving off the feel of an old dusty book shop.


Colours & Material

Rich Green


Flat Gold


Gold Gradient

#EBB53E → #C39029


A logo that encompasses the feeling of elegant jewelry gifting, whilst still being minimal the mark that subtly uses negative space to give a slight sense of spherical geometry inspired mainly by rings & earrings.

The rich green and gold colours were chosen to help give an added premium feel to the logo, an additional gold gradient was created for use cases requiring extra depth.


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