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TDC Plumbing & Heating is a local family plumbing business based in London, the owner approached me looking to improve and enhance the businesses’ online presence, promoting their services and to subsequently generate more business inquiries.

The initial project was to create a memorable logo that would stand out on their fleet of black vans, it had to look clean, professional and ideally resemble a gas flame (to reflect the companies specialization in gas boiler servicing and installation). The logo had to also translate well across both print & digital applications.

I was also tasked with creating the company website that had to clearly display the company’s main services, general info & showcase projects in a clear and concise manner.


Website Design
Logo & Branding
Print Materials
Van Wrap



After starting the project, I experimented with various colour combinations that would work well on a black background and initially tried using conventional oranges & blue combinations but quickly came to the conclusion that these are already overused in the plumbing industry and saw this as an opportunity to create a really unique & vibrant gradient which is the purple & orange you see today.











Zeno designed and built my Plumbing and Heating business website, he lead me through what was going on taking my ideas and making them reality. He also designed my beautiful logo which I am very proud to have as the face of my company. Not only did he design both the website and logo but the aftercare provided in helping me upload more content was second to none. My business now takes on more customers than ever after releasing my website. Thanks Zeno.

Timothy ColacoOwner, TDC Plumbing and Heating

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